Thursday, September 14th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Maxon ships Redshift 3.5.19

Redshift’s Jitter Node is supported in the renderer’s Blender plugin in Redshift 3.5.19.

Maxon has released Redshift 3.5.19, the latest version of the production renderer. It’s an iterative update, extending the MatCap shader and improving CPU rendering.

Cinema 4D users also updates to the Distorter node, and better handling of Cloner objects, while Blender users get initial support for the Jitter node.

The update forms part of Maxon’s Fall 2023 releases, along with Cinema 4D 2024 and Red Giant 2024.

New controls for the MatCap Shader node
Redshift 3.5.19 extends the new MatCap Shader node added in Redshift 3.5.17.

Described as “laying the foundation for non-photo-real materials in Redshift”, it creates stylised materials by mapping an image onto a mesh relative to the render camera.

The latest updates adds new parameters to control the projection, including scale, rotation and whether camera or world space is used.

Better CPU rendering performance
The update also improves rendering performance on multi-core CPUs, with render buckets now running concurrently on CPUs with 12 or more threads (6 or more cores).

Redshift CPU also now supports AVX2 and Embree 4.1, the last-but-one release of Intel’s CPU ray tracing library.

New features for Cinema 4D, Houdini and Blender users
Cinema 4D users get experimental support for automatically convering Cloner objects with instances of meshes to point clouds.

The Distorter shader now supports 3D distortion using Maxon noise, making it possible to distort bump maps as well as color textures.

Houdini users get support for asset picking in the Solaris viewport and the option to render packed Alembic primitives as Redshift Alembic procedurals.

Blender users get “basic” support for the Jitter Node added to the Redshift core in the previous release.

Price and system requirements
Redshift 3.5.19 is available for Windows 10, glibc 2.17+ Linux and macOS 12.6+.

The renderer’s integration plugins are compatible with 3ds Max 2018+, Blender 2.83+, Cinema 4D R21+, Houdini 17.5+ (18.0+ on macOS), Katana 4.0v1+ and Maya 2018+.

The software is rental-only, with subscriptions costing $45/month or $264/year.

Read an overview of the new features in Redshift 3.5.19 on the Redshift forum
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