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Thank you for your interest in CG Channel. For two decades, CG Channel has served the entertainment production industry with news, features and reviews covering visual effects, broadcast work, game art, motion graphics and architectural visualization. Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower our visitors.

CG Channel is different

Here are some things that set CG Channel apart from other CG websites:

• High-quality editorial content
CG Channel provides detailed coverage of the graphics technology that powers the entertainment industry, informed by insights from leading artists and technologists.

• Industry-influencing stories
Our stories are routinely picked up by other industry news sites around the world, influencing the reporting of graphics technology throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

• Part of the Gnomon group of companies
Our parent company, The Gnomon Workshop, provides on-demand professional training for CG artists, complementing on-site courses offered by Gnomon, the award-winning VFX, games and animation school.

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