Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Maxon ships Redshift 3.5.22

An image rendered in Redshift RT. Redshift’s real-time render engine gets a number of key updates in Redshift 3.5.22, helping users trade interactive performance against visual quality.

Maxon has released Redshift 3.5.22, the latest version of the production renderer.

The update features key changes to interactive render engine Redshift RT, including support for asynchronous shader compilation, texture compression, and DLSS upscaling.

Performance improvements to real-time render engine Redshift RT
As with the previous release, the update improves performance in Redshift RT, the software’s experimental near-real-time render engine.

Key changes include asynchronous shader compilation, reducing the time to first pixel by using temporary flat shaders for initial previews, then replacing them with compiled shaders.

Redshift RT also now supports texture compression to reduce GPU memory usage, with five compression presets making it possible to trade performance against visual quality.

To improve interactivity when navigating scenes, users can now choose Russian Roulette sampling, which randomly skips rays that have less impact on the final image, or adjust undersampling settings.

In addition, on NVIDIA GPUs, Redshift RT now supports DLSS, making it possible to boost performance by rendering frames at lower resolution than the viewport, then upscaling them.

Changes specific to the 3ds Max and Cinema 4D plugins
In addition, Cinema 4D users get improved support for Substance materials in .sbsar format via the new Substance 3D Material Node in Cinema 4D 2024.2.

3ds Max users get support for the Redshift Color Correct shader

Price and system requirements
Redshift 3.5.22 is available for Windows 10, glibc 2.17+ Linux and macOS 12.6/13.3.

The renderer’s integration plugins are compatible with 3ds Max 2018+, Blender 2.83+, Cinema 4D R21+, Houdini 17.5+ (18.0+ on macOS), Katana 4.0v1+ and Maya 2018+.

The software is rental-only, with subscriptions costing $45/month or $264/year.

Read an overview of the new features in Redshift 3.5.22 on the Redshift forum
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