Thursday, December 9th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Isotropix releases Angie in early access

Isotropix has released Clarisse 5.5, a new build of the layout, lighting and rendering software that includes Angie, its much-anticipated next-gen hybrid CPU/GPU renderer.

The release is still in early access, and will be updated in parallel to the main version of Clarisse 5.x.

New early access release of Clarisse 5.5 provides early access to Angie
Although it’s a new version of the software – currently only Clarisse iFX rather than the top-of-the-range Clarisse Builder – Clarisse 5.5 has only one major new feature: Angie.

The build is being released in early access in parallel to Clarisse 5.x, the current stable version, partly in order to get user feedback on the new renderer.

Angie: a next-gen hybrid renderer targeted specifically at VFX and animation production workflows
First announced last year, Angie is a next-gen hybrid CPU/GPU renderer with support for OSL and MaterialX.

It is fully integrated into Clarisse, and is available in parallel to the classic Clarisse Renderer, but is typically 2x faster when running on CPU alone, and many times faster on GPU.

Unlike using a game engine for previs, Angie is designed to load and display production assets – raw USD or Alembic files – without the need for pre-conversion or a level of detail system.

It provides a simplified user interface, with workflow focused around defining the final level of noise remaining in a render rather than adjusting conventional sampling parameters.

Angie also provides a new Previz mode targeted specifically at look development and set dressing work, which uses simplified lighting, but displays realistic materials and contact shadows.

The early access release was shown in more detail yesterday during a livestream, the recording of which is embedded above.

Pricing and system requirements
Clarisse 5.5 is available in early access for Windows and Linux only. Isotropix expects there to be several further updates before the stable release. Angie requires a current Nvidia GPU for GPU rendering.

The stable version, Clarisse 5.x, is available for Windows 10, RHEL and CentOS 8+ Linux and macOS 10.12+, and will receive service packs in parallel with Clarisse 5.5.

For studios, a node-locked perpetual licence of Clarisse iFX costs $2,299, while a perpetual floating licence costs $2,999. Rental of floating licences costs $1,549/year.

Solo artists can buy single perpetual node-locked licences of Clarisse iFX for $999, or rent single node-locked licences for $499/year. See more options and pricing for Clarisse Builder here.

You can also access Clarisse 5.5 via the free Personal Learning Edition (PLE) of the software for non-commercial use. It isn’t watermarked, but it’s resolution- and feature-limited, and partially export-disabled.

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