Sunday, November 12th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Marmoset’s free materials for Toolbag 4

Originally posted on 26 September 2021. Scroll down for news of Toolbag Library Drop 05.

Marmoset has released sets of materials free to users of Toolbag, its real-time rendering app. The original Library Drop, released in April 2021, added over 100 materials and textures.

Toolbag Library Drop 02, released in September 2021, added 135 materials – 28 Smart Materials and 107 standard materials – focused on realistic fabrics.

Toolbag Library Drop 03, released in August 2022, added 382 assets – 98 new Smart Materials, 111 new standard materials, and 169 pattern textures.

Toolbag Library Drop 04, released in April 2023, added 200 assets – 66 new Smart Materials, 58 new standard Materials, and 75 new textures, including patterns, stencils and grunge maps.

The latest, Toolbag Library Drop 05, adds 224 assets – 47 new Smart Materials, 11 Smart Masks, 49 standard materials, and 120 textures.

New readymade materials for the reworked library in Toolbag 4
The Library Drops expand the reworked library of readymade materials introduced in Toolbag 4.0, the latest major update to the real-time rendering and texture baking software.

Previews of the assets should automatically appear in users’ Library windows. The files themselves can then be downloaded for free from the cloud.

New materials mimicking real-world woven and knitted fabrics
Library Drop 01 added 39 Smart Materials, 57 materials and 11 textures, including readymade metal, paint, plastic, stone and wood materials.

In contrast, Library Drop 02 is focused mainly on fabrics.

The update provides over 50 new materials replicating different weave structures for cotton, wool, and even Kevlar, and updates the existing fabric materials in the library with more accurate sheen values.

The remaining materials and Smart Materials span a range of real-world material types, including ceramics, dirt, metal, and creature textures like fur and scale.

Updated 18 August 2022: Toolbag Library Drop 03 adds 382 new assets, including 98 new Smart Materials and 111 new standard materials, including stone, ceramics, metal and paint.

However, the largest set of assets is the 169 Patterns: a new extension of the Textures folder, containing tiling textures like geometric motifs, fabrics and camouflage patterns.

Updated 7 April 2023: Toolbag Library Drop 04 adds 200 assets, including 66 new Smart Materials and 58 new standard materials, ranging from bronze and stone to foodstuffs.

There are also 75 new textures, including fabric patterns, stencils and grunge maps.

Updated 12 November 2023: To that, Toolbag Library Drop 05 adds 224 assets.

There are 49 new standard materials, including concrete, stone, vegetation and transparent materials, and 120 pattern, grunge and stencil textures.

There are also 47 new Smart Materials, including plaster and paint – and for the first time, Smart Masks, for applying textures selectively to parts of a model: for example, to create wear effects.

Pricing and availability
Marmoset’s Library Drop materials are available free to users of Toolbag 4.x.

Toolbag itself is available for Windows 10 and macOS 10.15+. It is compatible with any Direct3D 12-capable GPU on Windows, and macOS GPU family 2. The current release is Toolbag 4.06.

New licences now cost $319 for individual artists, and $999 for studios. Subscriptions cost $15.99/month for individuals and $43.99/month for studios.

Read a full list of materials in Marmoset’s Toolbag Library Drop 04