Thursday, July 28th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download the free Modern Industrial Pack of 3D models

Online asset library RenderCrate has released the Modern Industrial Pack: a free modular asset pack for kitbashing industrial interiors like warehouses and factories.

It consists of a set of 3D staircases, platforms and scaffolding, plus decorative elements like pipes, air ducts, cables, tubing, buttons and lights, provided in FBX format for use in DCC applications and game engines.

Over 400 individual 3D models that can be assembled into factory and warehouse interiors
The Modern Industrial Pack is RenderCrate’s second free modular asset pack, the site having already released a free kit of 3D parts for assembling medieval castles earlier this year.

The new kit comprises a set of over 400 3D objects that can be assembled to create modern industrial interiors, including structural elements like stairs, platforms, girders, railings and scaffolding.

As well as the individual models, the pack includes four ready-assembled warehouse frameworks, each with a slightly different layout, which can be customised with smaller decorative elements like ducts and cables.

The assets is supplied in FBX format, with up to 8,192 x 8,192px texture maps, making it possible to use it in most DCC software, including 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya and Houdini.

If you have a paid subscription, you can also download a version of the asset optimised for Unreal Engine.

Licence conditions
ProductionCrate’s free assets are licenced for use in commercial projects: you can see the FAQs here and the full terms and conditions here.

You can get the assets by registering for a free account, which entitles you to five downloads per day.

The site encourages you to donate $15/month, and the registration process will take you to PayPal, but the donation is optional: if you look hard, there is a link to return to the site without payment.

Pro subscriptions, which provide access to a wider range of assets, and higher-resolution versions of the site’s other free assets, currently cost $49/month.

Download RenderCrate’s free Modern Industrial Pack of 3D models