Thursday, September 16th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

U-Render releases U-Render 2021.9 for Cinema 4D

Originally posted on 15 June 2021. Scroll down for news of the 2021.9 update.

U-Render Visual Technology has released U-Render 2021.06, the latest version of its physically based ‘really real-time’ render engine for Cinema 4D, reworking the depth of field system to support Bokeh effects.

The update also introduces initial support for integrated rendering inside Cinema 4D’s new DirectX viewport.

A genuine real-time render engine with good support for Cinema 4D’s native features
U-Render promises genuine real-time rendering – the software is designed more like a game engine than a conventional offline renderer – with good support for Cinema 4D’s core features, including MoGraph.

It supports PBR materials – standard Cinema 4D materials are automatically converted – with displacement and subsurface scattering; volumetric rendering; and a range of post effects.

The software is now fully integrated into Cinema 4D, making it possible to use as a viewport renderer.

New in U-Render 2021.6: revamped depth of field system with support for Bokeh effects
U-Render 2021.6 reworks the renderer’s implementation of depth of field, adding support for Bokeh effects, including both polygonal shapes and effects based on custom images.

The update also improves separation of foreground and background when rendering with DoF.

In addition, the previously OpenGL-based renderer now supports the new DirectX-based viewport introduced in Cinema 4D S24 earlier this year, although DirectX viewport rendering is still officially in beta.

Also new this year: readymade presets for common real-world materials
The update is the first major release of U-Render this year, the previous version, U-Render 2021.1, having been mainly a quality-of-life update, streamlining the layout of the integrated renderer’s interface.

The 2021.1 update also introduced a new set of material presets, intended as a starting point for recreating common real-world materials like metals, glass, plastic, rubber and metallic paint.

Updated 16 September 2021: U-Render Visual Technology has released U-Render 2021.9.

The update adds a new Sheen effect, used to recreate the way that light is scattered by micro-fibres on the surfaces of fabrics, or by minute irregularities on the surfaces of other materials.

Pricing and availability
U-Render 2021.6 is available for Cinema 4D R16+ running on Windows 10 only. It should work with any modern Nvidia or AMD GPU. A node-locked licence has an MSRP of €299 (around $360).

Read a full list of new features in U-Render on the product blog