Thursday, June 4th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Uppercut releases U-Render 2020.5 for Cinema 4D

Originally posted on 10 April 2020. Scroll down for news of the 2020.5.5 update.

Uppercut broadcast & visual technologies has released U-Render 2020.04, the latest update to its physically based ‘really real-time’ render engine for Cinema 4D, adding a set of new colour correction filters.

Users can also now convert U-Render materials back into their native Cinema 4D equivalents.

A genuine real-time render engine with good support for Cinema 4D’s native features
Originally known as Tachyon Render, U-Render officially launched last year after a period of early access.

It promises genuine real-time rendering – the software is designed more like a game engine than a conventional offline renderer – with good support for Cinema 4D’s core features, including MoGraph.

As well as its own PBR materials – it supports specular/glossiness and metallic/roughness workflows – U-Render automatically converts standard Cinema 4D materials.

The feature set is still evolving, with the main current missing features being particles and hair.

New in U-Render 2020.04: real-time colour correction
The main change in U-Render 2020.04 is a set of new colour correction filters, enabling users to adjust the saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma of output in real time.

Emissive materials also now have falloff settings, for more realistic lighting effects.

Most of the other updates since we last wrote about the renderer have been performance releases, although Uppercut has also updated its material converter, making it possible to convert U-Render materials back into their native Cinema 4D equivalents, to improve pipeline integration.

Updated 2 June 2020: Uppercut has released U-Render 2020.5.5. It’s officially a preview build, adding support for subsurface scattering and translucency.

The firm has also posted its roadmap for U-Render, includng a new Maya version of the plugin later this year.

Pricing and availability
U-Render is available for Windows 10 only. The integration plugin is compatible with Cinema 4D R16+. As the renderer is OpenGL-based, it should support any modern Nvidia or AMD GPU.

A node-locked licence has an MSRP of €299 (around $330).

Read a full list of new features in U-Render on Uppercut’s blog