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Get Pulze’s free Scene Manager Lite for 3ds Max

Pulze’s showreel for its software. The firm has now released Scene Manager Lite, a free cut-down edition of its 3ds Max scene organization system.

Pulze, the tools development spin-off of architectural visualisation firm Brick Visual, has released Scene Manager Lite, a free version of its 3ds Max scene organizer.

It makes it possible to use Scene Manager’s core features, including 12 of its 27 modules, for free, including on commercial projects.

Streamline the process of managing and rendering complex 3ds Max scenes
First released in 2020, Scene Manager is a workflow time-saver intended to bring together key settings scattered throughout 3ds Max in a single unified interface.

Described as 3ds Max’s native Scene States “on steroids”, it lets users create preset combinations of object placement, materials, lighting, camera and render settings.

Users can then manage batch renders of the states, making it possible to quickly generate a range of variant looks for a scene.

The system has a modular architecture, with Scene Manager 2.5, the current release, adding an Assets module for tracking the assets in a scene.

Although it can be used for any 3ds Max scene, Scene Manager is primarily used in architectural visualization, by well-known firms including Uniform and Gensler.

Scene Manager Lite provides access to the core functionality for free
Scene Manager Lite makes Scene Manager’s core functionality available for free, with users able to create and switch between up to five states.

It comes with 12 of the full version’s 27 modules, including Camera, Render Output, Assets, Plugins, Notes, To-do, Thumbnail and the key lighting modules.

It can be used for batch rendering, either locally or via Helio Cloud.

Price and system requirements
Scene Manager is compatible with 3ds Max 2019+ and the Arnold, Corona, FStorm, Redshift and V-Ray 6 renderers.

Scene Manager Lite is free, including for commercial use.

The full version is rental-only, with subscriptions costing €13/month or €99/year.

Read more about Scene Manager Lite on Pulze’s blog

Read more about Scene Manager on Pulze’s website

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