Monday, May 25th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mr. Dentist creates art-directable teeth in Maya

Software developer UnPLUG Tools has released Mr. Dentist, a highly specialised – but weirdly compelling – Maya plugin for generating art-directable 3D teeth.

The software is described as a ‘procedural denture modelling tool’, though judging by the fangs on show in the video above, it’s aimed more at creature design work than practical dentistry.

Create human and creature teeth procedurally in Maya
Mr. Dentist procedurally generates CG jaws, complete with teeth and gums.

Users can control the overall shape of each jaw by modifying guide curves in the Maya viewport, then scale or reposition teeth manually, or adjust a range of numerical parameters.

By default, the plugin generates a standard human set of teeth, but it’s possible to modify the base form of each type of tooth, add or remove teeth from the set, or randomise tooth size and position.

According to UnPLUG Tools, the software generates clean topology and UVs for production.

You can get a feel for its capabilities from the video above, which is oddly satisfying to watch, although some of the results look like they would require extensive orthodontic treatment in the real world.

UnPLUG Tools also develops a range of other Maya procedural modelling plugins, generating anything from trees and spiderwebs to 3D braids and strip-based hair for game development.

Pricing and system requirements
Mr. Dentist is available for Maya 2017 on Windows, macOS and Linux. A standard licence costs $20, while floating studio licences cost $140 for up to 20 seats, or $220 for unlimited seats.

Read more about Mr. Dentist for Maya in UnPLUG Tools’ Gumroad store