Monday, October 28th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

nEyeMaker for Maya creates ultra-customisable eyeballs

This one came out last week, but it’s cute, and we haven’t seen it mentioned a lot yet. Lighting artist Luca Fiorentini has released nEyeMaker: a fully procedural Maya eye with a nice GUI to control appearance.

As well as standard aim and pupil dilation controls, the other parameters – 27 of them, ranging from iris spot frequency to the angle of veins in the sclera – should give you scope to achieve pretty much any look.

As the video above demonstrates, the set-up will handle animal and monster eyes, too. It’s designed for mental ray, but you can bake out the textures and use it with the render engine of your choice.

Read more about nEyeMaker on Luca Fiorentini’s blog

Download nEyeMaker from CreativeCrash