Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Womp lets you create 3D models in your web browser

Womp 3D has officially launched Womp, its intuitive browser-based 3D modelling platform.

Womp, which is currently free in alpha, enables users to create simple 3D models and concept designs in a web browser, and download them in OBJ or STL format for 3D printing or editing in other software.

An intuitive way to create simple concept designs or 3D models for printing
Womp describes itself as an “easy-to-use 3D creation and publishing app” that lets users work with a “new kind of liquid 3D that allows you to goop, melt and subtract shapes with each other”.

For those familiar with more conventional 3D software, that means real-time Boolean modelling, with a couple of nice twists that we’ll get to later.

The platform is targeted at non-specialists who want to create graphics to share on social media, or simple models for 3D printing, but it could also be used for concept design, particularly for shape exploration.

Build up models by Booleaning 3D primitives and blending their materials in real time
Users build up forms inside Womp using 3D primitives – spheres, cylinders or cubes – and curves, joining them together via Boolean unions or substractions, and smoothing corners.

The result updates in real time as you move the source objects around in the viewport.

As well as Booleaning the geometry, Womp blends between the materials of the source objects – which does indeed create the impression that you’re pulling around gel, or goo.

Render the results at up to 4K, or download the model in OBJ or STL format
Womp comes with a set of readymade PBR materials, including metal, plastic, rubber, skin, glass – and yes, jelly – which can be dragged and dropped onto objects.

The completed model can be lit using up to 16 rectangular, dome or spherical lights and/or a HDRI environment, and rendered at up to 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160px) against a solid-coloured background.

It is also possible to download the 3D model in OBJ, 3DS, PLY or STL format for editing and rendering in other 3D software: the Womp interface suggests 3ds Max, Blender or Cinema 4D.

Models can be exported as a set of separate objects, or combined into a single mesh for 3D printing. Mesh density can be controlled via a compression slider, but you can’t specify an exact poly count.

Users can also record the Womp viewport, either to create modelling timelapses or flythroughs of a completed model, and download the video as a MP4 file or animated PNG, at up to 4K resolution.

Pricing and system requirements
Womp currently only works in the Chrome browser. The platform is free while it is in alpha.

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