Friday, October 31st, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sketchfab now lets you download 3D models

A granite head of Amenemhat III, one of the 3D models of artefacts from the British Museum available for free using online model-publishing platform Sketchfab’s new download functionality.

Online 3D model-publishing platform Sketchfab has added the option to make files available for download.

As well as displaying 3D models interactively in any WebGL browser, the service now enables users to make their models available for download under creative commons licences.

Models from Microsoft, HTC and the British Museum to download
Sketchfab has partnered with some interesting people for the launch, so there’s already a range of downloadable content available.

A lot of it is geared towards 3D printing, including a set of models from Microsoft designed to be printed with its 3D Builder app, and a printable case for HTC’s One M8 phone.

However, there are also 13 models of artefacts from the British Museum, ranging from a sarcophagus to a marble bust of Zeus.

Visit Sketchfab’s new download section