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Alexey Vanzhula releases Soft Boolean for Houdini

Friday, September 3rd, 2021 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Developer Alexey Vanzhula has released Soft Boolean, a new real-time Boolean modelling system for Houdini, SideFX’s procedural 3D software.

The functionality, which can also be used inside other DCC applications like Maya via Houdini Engine, was previously only available as part of Vanzhula’s more expensive Modeler add-on.

A dedicated real-time Boolean modelling system for Houdini
Soft Boolean for Houdini makes the real-time Boolean modelling system from Modeler, Vanzhula’s hard surface modelling toolkit, available as a dedicated add-on.

The software makes it possible to perform Boolean modelling operations on polygonal meshes in the Houdini viewport, and apply accurate bevels to the resulting geometry.

Soft Boolean is supplied as an HDA (Houdini Digital Asset), making it possible to use the tools inside other DCC applications that support Houdini Engine, like 3ds Max, Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine.

The package includes scripts making Soft Boolean functionality available via a shelf inside Maya.

Pricing and availability
Soft Boolean is available for Houdini 18.5.

Individual licences cost $30; Studio licences cost $100, and provide unlimited seats.

Download Modeler for Houdini from Alexey Vanzhula’s Gumroad store

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