Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ephere releases Ornatrix for Maya

Ephere has released Ornatrix for Maya: a new Maya version of its popular 3ds Max plugin for simulating hair, fur and feathers.

A procedural, user-editable system for generating hair
Used by games and visual effects firms including Blur Studio, Digic Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment, Pixomondo and Platige Image, Ornatrix provides a set of sophisticated tools for generating hair.

The base workflow is procedural and non-destructive, with users stacking operators to create new hairstyles, then adjusting parameters to customise the results.

The plugin comes with a set of grooming tools for manipulating the hair directly; and there is also the option to create hairstyles using conventional modelling tools by converting mesh strips to hair.

Same functionality as the 3ds Max edition, but integrated with key Maya techologies
The new Maya version contains the same core functionality as the Max edition – the features listed on the its product page are virtually identical – and runs on Linux and Mac OS X as well as Windows.

Most key renderers are supported out of the box, including Arnold, RenderMan, V-Ray, Redshift and Maxwell.

The implementation also integrates Ornatrix with Maya’s core functionality, notably its node-based workflow and its Nucleus simulation framework; and comes with SDK access for pipeline integration.

Pricing and availability
Ornatrix for Maya is available now for Maya running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. A new workstation licence costs $499, and the plugin can be installed on any number of render nodes for free.

Ephere is also offering a $100 launch discount until 15 August 2015.

Read a full list of new features in Ornatrix for Maya on Ephere’s website

See demo videos for Ornatrix for Maya on Ephere’s Vimeo channel

Homepage image: Sleepy by Serguei Krikalev.