Monday, October 15th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ephere announces Ornatrix for Cinema 4D

Ephere has announced a new edition of Ornatrix, its popular hair, fur and feathers system, for Cinema 4D. The software is currently in beta, and Ephere is accepting applications to join the beta program.

Create hair and fur within Cinema 4D, with support for parametric and brush-based editing
Already available for 3ds Max – and more recently, Maya – Ornatrix provides a range of workflows for generating and grooming hair, including parametric and brush-based editing.

The existing editions of the software are in use at a range of leading visual effects and game development studios, including Blur Studio, Scanline VFX and Capcom.

According to Ephere, the Cinema 4D version is “still quite early and lacking many features”, but the video above shows the basic workflow, including the generation of guides from a mesh, then hair from guides.

The video also shows the editing of hair properties like clumping, sub-clumping and frizz. Brush-based grooming isn’t shown directly, but the icon for brushing mode is present in the UI.

Pricing and availability
Ornatrix for Cinema 4D is in beta for Cinema 4D R19 and above. To join the beta, you’ll need to register for a free account on Ephere’s website, then submit your username in the comments thread on Vimeo.

Ephere hasn’t yet announced a release date or pricing for the commercial version of the software.

Read more about Ornatrix on Ephere’s website