Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get finalRender for free

Cebas has launched a new free edition of finalRender, its production renderer for 3ds Max, lacking some of the features of the $294/year paid edition, but licensed for use in commercial work.

A free physically accurate spectral renderer for 3ds Max
FinalRender is a versatile, physically accurate spectral render engine with support for 3ds Max’s native materials and lights, and for key plugins like Forest Pack.

A built-in scene converter makes it possible to render scenes using Mental Ray or V-Ray materials directly.

No trueHybrid, network or NPR rendering, but licensed for commercial use
The free edition lacks the commercial version’s trueHybrid CPU/GPU rendering system, meaning that users must choose to render purely on the CPU, or purely on the GPU.

In addition, it lacks network rendering support, and finalToon, the non-photorealistic renderer bundled with the commercial version.

However, it’s otherwise feature-complete, is not time-limited, and can be used for commercial work.

System requirements and availability
finalRender Free is available for 3ds Max 2018+. GPU rendering requires a Nvidia CUDA card. Read the licence agreement before you install, as future releases are “unlikely to offer backwards compatibility”.

Read more about finalRender Free on cebas’s website