Thursday, March 19th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get 150 free mocap moves from Rokoko’s Motion Library

Motion-capture specialist Rokoko has made Motion Library, its formerly Unity-only online marketplace for motion-capture moves, available via Rokoko Studio, its own free-to-use software.

The functionality, which is available in the new Rokoko Studio 1.16 update, makes 150 high-quality mocap assets available to use for free.

A library of motion-capture data from the world’s leading studios
Launched in 2018, Motion Library is a set of mocap moves recorded by studios including the UK’s Audiomotion and Centroid, whose collective work includes Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Wonder Woman.

The library, which Rokoko describes as the “world’s largest mocap marketplace”, was originally only available to Unity users, via an integration plugin for the Unity editor.

Rokoko has now made it possible to browse and download assets via Rokoko Studio, its software for visualising and exporting mocap data, intended for use with its Smartsuit Pro inertial capture suits.

There is also a new native integration plugin for Maya, which ships with Maya 2020.1, also released today.

Get 150 of the library’s mocap moves for free
Although the bulk of the library consists of commercial assets, priced at $3 or $6 each, 150 of the moves are available for free.

By installing Rokoko Studio 1.16, artists can browse and preview the assets inside the software, then export them for use in other DCC tools.

The free moves are licensed for use in commercial projects.

New action moves recorded by God of War stunt performer Eric Jacobus
In addition, the library now includes 50 new moves recorded by SuperAlloy Interactive‘s Eric Jacobus, best known for his stunt work as Kratos in God of War.

Rokoko describes the new clips as including “physically intensive and high-impact movements – perfect for artists looking to add realism to their action-oriented projects”.

Updated: Rokoko has confirmed that the moves are available free to anyone using Motion Library, including Rokoko Studio users, although they were originally created for the launch of the Maya plugin.

Availability and system requirements
Rokoko Studio 1.16 is available for Windows 10 and macOS 10.14.2+. A free Basic subscription enables users to export data in FBX, BVH or CSV format.

Paid subscriptions to Rokoko Studio cost from $24/user/month to $119/user/month, and support integration plugins for other DCC software, including MotionBuilder, Unity and Unreal Engine.

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Download Rokoko Studio in order to access the free mocap moves