Friday, February 7th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Rokoko launches Blender plugin for its mocap systems

Rokoko Electronics has released a new Blender plugin for its Rokoko Studio software, making it possible to stream data from its inertial motion-capture suits into the open-source 3D application.

Other features in the Rokoko Studio 1.15.1 update include the option for users with its high-tier Plus subscriptions to create their own custom plugins, making it possible to stream to other DCC applications.

Live integration between Blender and one of the more affordable full-body mocap solutions
Rokoko Studio enables users of Rokoko’s Smartsuit Pro inertial motion-capture suit to record, preview and export mocap data to DCC applications and game engines.

A separate iOS app, Rokoko Remote, can be used to capture and stream facial mocap data from a compatible iPhone.

Although Rokoko Studio can already stream data to a range of software, including Unity, Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder and iClone, the list expands significantly with the 1.15.1 update.

As well as the new Blender integration plugin, shown in the video above, users with Plus subscriptions can now author their own custom plugins for “pretty much any program”.

Other features added since we last covered the software include the option to create loopable segments of capture data, to define a custom FPS value on export, and to export data in C3D format.

Pricing and system requirements
Rokoko Studio 1.15.1 is available for 64-bit Windows 10 and macOS 10.14.2.

A free Basic subscription to Rokoko Studio enables you to export data, but doesn’t support the live integration plugins or facial capture; paid subscriptions cost from $24/user/month to $119/user/month.

The SmartSuit Pro itself costs $2,495. Various bundle deals are available.

Read a full list of new features in Rokoko Studio 1.15.1 in the online changelog