Friday, July 26th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Reallusion releases iClone Unreal Live Link

Reallusion has released iClone Unreal Live Link, its new plugin linking the 3D animation software to Unreal Engine for rendering.

The software will be on show at Siggraph 2019 next week, alongside a new real-time skin shader.

Send iClone characters, lights and cameras to UE4 for rendering in a single click
First announced at GDC 2019 as part of a wider set of game tools, iClone Unreal Live Link connects iClone scenes to Unreal Engine for rendering.

The plugin exports iClone characters, lights, cameras and animation to Unreal Engine without the need to generate an intermediate FBX file manually.

A separate plugin, Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup, automates the process of mapping iClone shaders and skeletons to Unreal Engine characters, providing three shader quality presets.

Changes made to a scene in iClone are then transferred to Unreal Engine in real time.

It is also possible to send existing UE4 characters to iClone via 3DXChange Pipeline, iClone’s import/export add-on, which is required for iClone Unreal Live Link to work.

The system can be used with iClone Motion Live, Reallusion’s multi-device motion-capture framework, making it possible to stream mocap data from an actor to a CG character within UE4.

Costlier than iClone and 3DXChange Pipeline combined
The release makes iClone the latest DCC application to get a live link to Unreal Engine.

Epic Games itself maintains free live link plugins to Maya and MotionBuilder, and Foundry and NewTek have integrated live link systems directly into Modo and LightWave.

iClone Unreal Live Link has an MSRP of $1,490: a price that is already causing debate on Reallusion’s forum.

That’s more than the cost a licence of LightWave, and getting on for the price of Modo, particularly when you factor in the cost of iClone and 3DXChange Pipeline themselves.

While neither app is as focused on character animation as iClone, it’s clear that Reallusion is pricing its game tools as a solution for professionals, not its original user base of hobbyists and indie artists.

Pricing and system requirements
Unreal iClone Live Link 1.0 is compatible with iClone 7 and 3DXChange Pipeline 7. It has an MSRP of $1,490. iClone 7 has an MSRP of $199. 3DXChange Pipeline has an MSRP of $499.

Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup 1.0 is compatible with Unreal iClone Live Link 1.0 and Unreal Engine 4.20+. It’s a free download.

Reallusion is also offering bundle deals on its game tools, which also include Character Creator and its motion capture solutions. You can find details via the link below.

Read more about iClone Unreal Live Link on Reallusion’s website