Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk releases 3ds Max 2025.1

Autodesk has posted the online documentation for the new features in 3ds Max 2025.1, the latest version of its 3D modeling and rendering software.

Aside from a new Turbulent Color Noise OSL shader, they’re primarily workflow updates, improving the Array and Boolean modifiers, and streamlining skin weight painting.

At the time of writing, Autodesk hasn’t announced the release on its product timeline, but according to the online documentation, it is now available to subscribers.

3D modeling and layout: updates to the Boolean and Array modifiers
For procedural modeling, the Boolean modifier gets several workflow improvements for volume meshing.

It is now possible to use keyboard shortcuts to control the sensitivity of the Voxel Size spinner arrows; and to abort volume meshing by hitting [Esc].

The Array modifier, used to create 3D arrays of objects, now supports animation of random number seeds, and processes “up to 250%” faster.

Shading: new Turbulent Color Noise OSL shader
3ds Max’s OSL toolset gets a new Turbulent Color Noise shader for mimicking natural phenomena like oil films, or creating more abstract rainbow effects.

Character rigging: more precise control over skin weights
Character artists get new parameters for Paint Weights in the Skin Modifier.

The change makes using [Shift] + [Alt] to adjust painting strength for skin weights – described as previously having been “oversensitive” – easier to control.

Rendering and pipeline integration: OIDN denoising enabled by default in Arnold
The integration plugins for Autodesk’s Arnold renderer and Substance materials have also been updated.

MAXtoA enables OIDN denoising in Arnold by default, adds snapshot functionality to the Arnold RenderView, and makes the RenderView dockable.

It also supports the new functionality from Arnold 7.3.1.

Substance for 3ds Max 3.0 adds support for the Substance 3D Connector, Adobe’s new open-source framework for transferring data between DCC applications.

Price and system requirements
3ds Max is compatible with Windows 10+. It is rental-only. Subscriptions cost $235/month or $1,875/year.

In many countries, artists earning under $100,000/year and working on projects valued at under $100,000/year qualify for Indie subscriptions, which cost $305/year.

Read a full list of new features in 3ds Max 2025.1 in the online documentation

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