Thursday, February 8th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download NVIDIA’s free da Vinci Workshop USD data set

NVIDIA has released the da Vinci Workshop: a new free USD data set put together using its Omniverse platform “as an example of using OpenUSD in a filmmaking-like production process”.

The scene, which depicts a Renaissance artist’s workshop, can be explored in DCC applications or game engines that support USD, like 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Created to showcase VFX and animation production workflows in Omniverse
The da Vinci Workshop scene is the second sample USD data set that NVIDIA has put together to showcase workflow in Omnniverse, its real-time 3D design collaboration platform.

Whereas the first, the Residential Lobby, showcased architectural design and visualization workflows, the new data set is intended to reflect current VFX and animation workflows.

As well as consistent Asset structure, the data set includes Shot and Sequence structures.

It was created by a team of 10 NVIDIA artists using software including 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush, Houdini, Substance 3D Painter, DaVinci Resolve and Nuke, as well as Omniverse’s scene assembly tool USD Composer.

NVIDIA describes its pipeline as demonstrating the value of SubLayers, References, Payloads and Variant Sets as OpenUSD composition arcs: you can find more technical details here.

Can be used for reference when developing USD-based workflows
Even if you don’t use Omniverse, the scene provides a practical example of production-ready USD data structures, for reference when developing or testing USD-based workflows.

NVIDIA has links to other free and open-source USD data sets on its website, including Pixar’s original kitchen scene and Animal Logic’s USD ALab scene.

System requirements and license conditions
It should be possible to explore the da Vinci Workshop scene in DCC apps and game engines that support USD, including 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Omniverse, Unity and Unreal Engine.

The asset is available under NVIDIA’s One Way Non-Commercial license.

Read more about the free da Vinci Workshop USD data set on NVIDIA’s website
(Includes download link: note that it’s a 67GB asset, so it takes time to download)

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