Monday, July 3rd, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Watch the new demo video of JangaFX’s LiquiGen

Originally posted on 21 January 2022. Scroll down for the latest demo video.

JangaFX has posted the first public demo of LiquiGen, its much-anticipated real-time fluid simulation software, showing screen-capture footage of a simulation running inside the LiquiGen viewport.

A counterpart to EmberGen for simulating liquids rather than smoke and fire
First announced in 2020, and then scheduled for release in 2021, LiquiGen is a counterpart to EmberGen, JangaFX’s popular real-time gaseous fluid simulation software, but for liquids rather than fire and smoke.

The news caused a lot of interest on community websites, with users hoping that the software would provide a faster, more interactive alternative to existing fluid simulation software like RealFlow.

A simple but smooth-looking initial R&D demo
The initial demo is simple – a low-viscosity fluid splashing around within a small containing volume as the gravity in the scene changes – and there’s no information about the hardware it’s running on.

However, the motion of the fluid itself looks smooth. JangaFX’s tweet notes that “we still have a ways to go to make this a production ready tool but our R&D is very promising!”

JangaFX’s new LiquiGen demo: footage screen-captured in real time on a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU. The software can now generate foam and spray, but surface tension has yet to be fully implemented.

Updated 10 May 2022: JangaFX has released a new demo video of LiquiGen, showing new R&D work on generating whitewater effects like foam and spray.

The company has also provided more details about the software, revealing in its latest livestream that LiquiGen would initially be targeted at “splashes, splatters and small simulations”.

The software is node-based, with a similar UI to EmberGen, but a simpler workflow.

JangaFX says that key development targets are to have the software run in real time, to generate a meshed fluid surface, and to export Alembic caches as well as flipbooks and image sequences.

Longer-term goals include support for sparse simulation, which should make it feasible to simulate larger bodies of water, like rivers and oceans.

The new demo runs in real time on a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, but LiquiGen is “actually mainly being developed on a [GeForce GTX] 1080”, so it should work with older cards.

A pre-alpha build of LiquiGen running in real time on a Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

Updated 4 July 2023: JangaFX has released a new video of a “pre-alpha” build of LiquiGen, showing simulations generated in real time on a top-of-the-range Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

The footage is grainy, but according to JangaFX, runtime denoising is planned.

Pricing, system requirements and release date
JangaFX hasn’t announced pricing, system requirements or a release date for LiquiGen yet.

EmberGen is available for Windows 10+ and Linux. Find pricing details here

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