Friday, August 20th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

JangaFX cuts price of EmberGen for indie users

JangaFX has cut the price of EmberGen, its popular real-time gaseous fluid simulation tool, for indie users – in its terms, anyone earning under $1 million a year.

Perpetual indie licences now cost $199.99, down $40; subscriptions cost $19.99/month, down $5/month.

JangaFX’s email to users announcing the price cut describes it as the result of a desire to make EmberGen “as accessible as possible to everyone”.

Major EmberGen 0.7.5 update now available as a test build
In other EmberGen news, version 0.7.5 of the software is now avaiable as a test build for registered users.

The long-awaited update introduces a new user interface and new renderer, plus support for animated meshes as particle emitters or colliders, a new curve editor, and a number of workflow improvements.

According to JangaFX, there is “still … quite a bit of work to do” before the release is production-ready, but existing users interested in trying it can request it via the EmberGen discord server.

You can see what was added in the previous major update to the software in our story on EmberGen 0.5.5.

Pricing and system requirements
EmberGen is available for Windows 7+ only. It is still officially in beta.

Indie subscriptions, for artists with revenue under $1 million/year, cost $19.99/month or $199.99/year, with users qualifying for a perpetual licence after 12 months of consecutive payments.

Studio subscriptions, for studios with revenue up to $100 million/year, now cost $149.99/month or $1,399.99/year per node-locked licence, and $239.99/month or $2,299.99/year per floating licence.

Visit the EmberGen product website