Sunday, June 11th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download 600+ free Unreal building and furniture models

Epic Games is on an architectural tip this month, making no fewer than four separate packs of building and furniture models available for free from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The packs – Renderlogic’s MEDA Furniture Pack, Cosmos by Leartes’ Vintage Room, Dokyo’s Shanty Town Slums and JessyStorm’s Assets’ Stylized Winter City Environment – total over 600 individual meshes.

All can be downloaded for free during June 2023 as part of Epic Games’ free marketplace content.

Over 600 free meshes of buildings and furniture for game development and arch viz
For architectural visualisations and photorealistic work, Renderlogic’s MEDA Furniture Pack includes 89 meshes of contemporary furniture and furnshings, including sofas, chairs and rugs.

For more stylised interiors, Cosmos by Leartes’ Vintage Room includes 72 meshes of (mainly) early-20th-century-style furniture and props.

There are also two sets of assets for creating games exteriors, with Dokyo’s Shanty Town Slums includes 153 meshes of buildings and trees for creating and entire village and dockside.

The Stylized Winter City Environment by JessyStorm’s Assets includes 318 meshes of modular building parts, rocks and trees.

All of the asset packs include LODs and 4,096 x 4,096px texture maps.

System requirements and availability
All of the asset packs covered in this story are available free from the Unreal Engine Marketplace during June 2023. All four are compatible with Unreal Engine 5.1+.

For users of older versions of Unreal, the Vintage Room is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.19+ and the MEDA Furniture Pack with Unreal Engine 5.0+.

The marketplace usage rights permit assets not created by Epic Games itself to be exported to other game engines and DCC software, although some features require Unreal Engine to work.

Download the MEDA Furniture Pack from the Unreal Marketplace

Download the Vintage Room asset pack from the Unreal Marketplace

Download the Shanty Town Slums asset pack from the Unreal Marketplace

Download the Stylized Winter City asset pack from the Unreal Marketplace