Sunday, January 28th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Epic Games’ free Soul environment asset packs

Epic Games has released two free packs of environment assets from Soul, its 2014 Unreal Engine 4 demo, comprising nearly 600 individual meshes, along with their associated materials and textures.

Free rock, tree and industrial building assets, optimised for mobile devices
Designed to showcase UE4’s capabilities on mobile devices, Soul transports the viewer through a ruined underground temple to the futuristic city that lies above it.

The two have quite distinct design aesthetics, so Epic has split the assets into sets: Soul: Cave for the rocks, trees and temple architecture; and Soul: City for the industrial buildings.

The former contains 173 individual meshes, the latter 419, for a total of 592 meshes.

All are optimised for mobile, so they’re relatively lightweight assets, with no levels of detail. Textures are provided at resolutions between 256 x 250px and 2.048 x 2,048px.

Licensing and availability
The free Soul Cave and Soul City asset packs can be downloaded from the Unreal Engine marketplace via the links below. They can be used in commercial projects, but are only licensed for use with Unreal Engine.

Download Epic Games’ free Soul: City environment asset pack for Unreal Engine

Download Epic Games’ free Soul: Cave environment asset pack for Unreal Engine