Monday, September 19th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

cebas releases finalRender Drop 6 for 3ds Max

Cebas Visual Technology has released finalRender Drop 6, the latest update to its 3ds Max renderer, adding a new dedicated material for fire and smoke effects, and support for temporal denoising.

A GPU-acceleated physically accurate spectral renderer for 3ds Max
FinalRender is a physically accurate spectral render engine with support for 3ds Max’s native materials and lights, and for key plugins like Forest Pack, and a built-in scene converter for V-Ray materials.

Its trueHybrid rendering system makes it possible to render on CPU, on Nvida GPUs, or both.

New in Drop 6: fR-PyroVDB material for fire and smoke, GPU denoising
Key changes in Drop 6 include fR-PyroVDB, a fast-rendering new dedicated material for fire and smoke effects. It supplements the existing fR-VolumeVDB material, which generates more accurate light scattering.

fR-PyroVDB works with trueHybrid, using NanoVDB, Nvidia’s simplified representation of OpenVDB data – which cebas added support for in its previous update, finalRender Drop 5 – for GPU rendering.

The update also adds support for temporal denoising via Nvidia’s OptiX GPU denoiser, which is integrated into the software, improving frame-to-frame consistency when denosing animations.

In addition, DirectVolumeRendering, cebas’s SDK for rendering output from its thinkingParticles particle effects plugin directly in finalRender, also now supports finalFluid, its upcoming gaseous fluid simulator.

You can find a list of smaller workflow and performance improvements via the links below.

Pricing and availability
FinalRender is available for 3ds Max 2020+. The software is rental-only, with subscriptions priced at $24.50/month or $294/year. GPU rendering requires a CUDA-compatible Nvidia GPU.

An Unlimited GPU subscription, which lets finalRender run on more than two workstation GPUs, costs a further $294/year; as does an Unlimited Network subscription, which lets it run on unlimited render nodes.

cebas also now offers finalRender Free, a free cut-down of the renderer licensed for commercial use.

Read an overview of the new features in finalRender Drop 6 on cebas’s website

Read a full list of new features in finalRender Drop 6 in the description to the release video on Vimeo