Friday, June 24th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Continuum 2022.5 ships

Originally posted on 19 November 2022. Scroll down for new of the Continuum 2022.5 update.

Boris FX has released Continuum 2022, the latest version of its set of effects plugins for compositing and editing software, adding support for fluid dynamics inside Particle Illusion.

The release also updates the PixelChooser and FX Editor, adds new blur effects, and introduces native support for Apple’s M1 processors and initial support for After Effects’ new Multi-Frame Rendering system.

Support for fluid dynamics in Particle Illusion creates organic-looking particle effects
Key changes in Continuum 2022 include support for fluid dynamics in Particle Illusion, its 2D and 3D particle generator, making it possible to create new organic-looking effects.

Host plugin rendering has also been rearchitected, delivering “up to 5x faster speeds” across all host apps.

Users can also now save entire scenes as to the Particle Illusion emitter library, not just single emitters.

Updates to the PixelChooser and FX Editor, new blur effects, and performance improvements
The update also introduces a new version of the PixelChooser, Continuum’s integrated matte and masking system, with “full GPU processing” and support for Mocha planar mask tracking.

It is currently available within over 100 of Continuum’s filters: the ones shown as ‘BCC+’ in this list.

HDR-compliant BCC+ effects get a new version of the FX Editor, Continuum’s environment for managing and editing presets, with a redesigned user interface and support for OpenColorIO 2.

The update also adds five new blur effects, including channel, directional and smear blurs, plus a reworked version of the BCC Prism filter (shown above) that combines prismatic colour separation with smear blur.

The Cinematographer’s Toolkit, the set of new cinematography effects added in Continuum 2021, gets 60 new colour grading presets based on classic movies, and 50 new preset gobo lights.

Performance improvements include native support for Apple’s M1 processors, and support for the new Multi-Frame Rendering system introduced in After Effects 22.0 in over 350 of Continuum’s effects.

Updated 24 June 2022: Boris FX has released Continuum 2022.5.

The update adds five more effects and 15 more transitions to the list of GPU-accelerated BCC+ features, and adds over 60 new transition and effects presets.

The FX Editor gets a new set of on-screen HUD overlay widgets, plus a number of workflow improvements.

Particle Illusion also gets a significant update, with the option to emit particles from 3D models imported as OBJ files or in Cinema 4D’s C4D format, or from After Effects masks and text shapes.

Other changes include support for the new features from Mocha Pro 2022.5, Boris FX’s planar tracking software, the underlying technology from which is integrated inside Continuum.

Pricing and system requirements
Continuum 2022.5 is compatible with a range of compositing and editing software, including After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and Nuke, running on Windows 10+ or macOS 10.15.6+.

It is priced according to host application, with new licences costing from $695 to $1,995. Subscriptions now cost from $195/year to $695/year. It is also possible to buy individual Continuum Units.

Read an overview of the new features in Continuum on Boris FX’s website

Read a full list of new features in Continuum 2022.5 in the online release notes (Adobe edition)

Read a full list of new features in Continuum 2022 in the online release notes (Adobe edition)