Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Luxion ships KeyShot 10.2

Orignally posted on 9 February 2021. Scroll down for news of the 10.2 update.

Luxion has updated KeyShot, its rendering and technical animation software, with KeyShot 10.1 adding basic physics to its Move Tool, making it possible to place objects and let them settle under gravity.

Users of the Pro and Enterprise editions also get the option to import USD files, to export assets simultaneously in USDZ and GLB format, and improvements to animation workflow.

Luxion has also launched KeyShot portal, a new online platform for managing product licences that the firm describes as “lay[ing] the groundwork” for subscription-based licensing.

All editions: the Move Tool becomes a physics-aware layout system
KeyShot 10.1 adds a simple physics system to the software’s Move Tool, including the option to allow the object being moved to settle naturally on other objects under gravity.

Although other DCC applications have similar tools, the workflow sounds similar to that demonstrated by Adobe last year in Physics Whiz, its experimental physics-aware layout system.

Users can also enable collision detection when using the Move Tool, making it possible to “align objects while keeping them … separate from other objects in the scene”.

In addition, the update extends the new Light Manager introduced in KeyShot 10.0, adding the option to select and edit multiple lights simultaneously.

KeyShot Pro and above: updates to Smart Export and animation
Users of the Pro and Enterprise editions of the software also get improvements to animation workflow, including the option to select, copy and paste multiple keyframes from the timeline.

Keyframes can also be mirrored automatically when pasted.

The update also extends the Smart Export system added in KeyShot 10.0, intended to streamline the process of exporting asets for augmented reality, mobile and 3D printing workflows.

Users can now export assets simultaneously in USDZ format for use on iOS devices and GLB format for use on Android devices and in web applications.

It is also now possible to import assets in USD format, as well as exporting them.

New licence portal ‘lays the groundwork’ for subscription licensing
Luxion has also launched KeyShot Portal, a new online platform for managing KeyShot licences.

At the minute, its main use is to access a 15-day trial of the software, or to sign up for the beta program.

However, Luxion describes the platform as “lay[ing] the groundwork for subscription product license options in the future”, although it doesn’t say whether perpetual licences will also remain available

Updated 3 June 2021: Luxion has released KeyShot 10.2.

The update adds a new Mesh Simplification tool for reducing the geometry count of polygon-based models, intended to make it easier to reuse them in AR applications like KeyShot’s KeyVR add-on.

KeyShot’s material library has also been revamped, with users now able to select seven different 3D models on which to preview materials in thumbnail images.

Other changes include a ‘touch-friendly’ preset layout in the Configurator Wizard, for creating presentations for viewing on touchscreen devices, and support for metal flakes in the Axalta car paint material.

Pricing and availability
KeyShot 10.2 is available for 64-bit Windows 8+ and macOS 10.13+. Integration plugins are available for a range of DCC and CAD tools, including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya and ZBrush.

A new licence of the base HD edition costs $995; the Pro edition costs $1,995. An Enterprise licence, which includes the KeyShotWeb and network rendering add-ons, costs $3,995. See a comparison table here.

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