Thursday, January 5th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Free tool: Reallusion’s Auto Setup for Unity

Reallusion has released Auto Setup for Unity, a free Unity plugin that streamlines the process of setting up characters from its Character Creator and iClone software for use in the game engine.

The tool is the ‘official’ version of artist Victor Soupday‘s existing Character Creator/iClone Unity Tools and is now being co-developed by Reallusion.

Import Reallusion characters into Unity and adjust key parameters inside the Unity Editor
First released in 2021, the original Character Creator/iClone Unity Tools are a popular resource for artists looking to use characters exported from Character Creator or iClone inside the Unity game engine.

Users simply drag exported characters into Unity, open the import tool, and the imported character can then be “processed with a single click”.

There are separate editions for all of Unity’s major render pipelines, but Auto Setup for Unity is based on the one for the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

The plugin makes it possible to adjust parameters for Reallusion’s Digital Human Shader, which includes skin, hair, eyes and teeth, inside the Unity Editor.

Other key features include the option to preview facial morphs and expressions inside the editor to troubleshoot set-ups, and to retarget third-party animations for use on Reallusion characters.

The plugin can also fix artefacts in cloth simulations when importing characters with clothing.

System requirements
Auto Setup for Unity can be downloaded free from Reallusion’s website. It is compatible with characters exported from Character Creator 3+ and iClone 7+.

There are two editions, for different versions of Unity’s HDRP: the HDRP 10 version is compatible with Unity 2020.3 to 2021.1, while the HDRP 12 version is compatible with Unity 2021.2+.

Read more about Auto Setup for Unity on Reallusion’s website (includes download link)

Read the online documentation for the software