Friday, December 3rd, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Maxon’s free Cineware for Unreal plugin

Maxon’s Cineware for Unreal plugin, demonstrated by motion graphics artist Jonathan Winbush. The free plugin enables users to edit .c4d files inside Unreal Engine, with changes transferred back from Cinema 4D.

Maxon has released Cineware for Unreal, a new free plugin for transferring content between Cinema 4D, its 3D animation and motion graphics software, and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

The new plugin enables users to import Cinema 4D scenes into UE4 and edit them directly inside the game engine, with any changes made automatically being transferred back from Cinema 4D.

The workflow should make it easier to use Unreal Engine as a real-time renderer for content created in Cinema 4D or other applications that natively export files in .c4d format.

Edit Cinema 4D content directly inside Unreal Engine for motion graphics or visualization work
Although it was already possible to import Cinema 4D content into Unreal Engine via Epic Games’ own Datasmith toolset, the new Cineware for Unreal plugin streamlines the process significantly.

Previously, users had to cache a Cinema 4D scene before importing it, increasing file sizes and preventing a true interactive workflow between the two applications.

Changes to Datasmith import remove the need for pre-caching, while the new plugin establishes a live link between Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine.

After importing a Cinema 4D file, users can edit its parameters inside Unreal Engine, with the scene updating inside Cinema 4D and the changes automatically being transferred back to the game engine.

The workflow supports geometry, materials, lights, cameras and animation; and it is possible to choose which parameters to make editable inside Unreal via Cinema 4D’s Take System, as shown in the video above.

Development of the new plugin was partly funded by a $200,000 grant made by Epic Games to Maxon last year. It joins Maxon’s existing Cineware integrations for After Effects, Illustrator and Unity.

System requirements and availability
Cineware for Unreal is compatible with Cinema 4D S24 SP1+ and Unreal 4.27+. It’s a free download.

Read more about Cineware for Unreal on Maxon’s website

Download Maxon’s free Cineware for Unreal plugin