Thursday, September 10th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Maxon awarded $200,000 Epic MegaGrant

Maxon has become the latest CG software developer to receive an Epic MegaGrant. The $200,000 award will go towards strengthening integration between Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine.

The firm commented that it is “working towards a seamless workflow like we have with After Effects”.

The largest MegaGrant so far to a commercial tools developer?
Maxon becomes the latest developer to receive an award from Epic Games’ $100 million MegaGrants fund.

The $200,000 grant is the largest to a commercial software developer of which we’re aware, although both Reallusion and Boris FX have received awards of undisclosed sizes.

According to Maxon’s blog post, the money will fund R&D work on “strengthening the workflow integration” between Cinema 4D, its 3D design and motion graphics software, and Unreal Engine.

Money will fund work on a live link between Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine users can already import Cinema 4D scenes: initially, via Maxon’s CV-C4D to UE4 plugin, but more recently via support for .c4d files in the Datasmith toolset, included free with Unreal Engine 4.24+.

According to Maxon, it now aims to develop a workflow similar to that between Cinema 4D and After Effects.

The firm’s Cineware toolset creates a live link between the two applications, enabling users to make changes to a scene in Cinema 4D and see the results in real time inside After Effects.

An equivalent toolset would make Cinema 4D the latest DCC app to get a live link to Unreal Engine, speeding up workflow for motion designers and visualisation artists using UE4 for real-time rendering.

Epic Games develops its own free live link plugin for Maya and MotionBuilder, while NewTek and Reallusion have equivalent plugins for LightWave and iClone.

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