Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Wysilab wins Epic MegaGrant for Instant Terra

Current Instant Terra to Unreal Engine workflow. Developer Wysilab has just been awarded an Epic MegaGrant to fund development of a new plugin creating a live link between the terrain generator and UE4.

Wysilab has become the latest CG software developer to win an Epic MegaGrant. The money will be used to fund development of a live link between its Instant Terra terrain-generation software and Unreal Engine.

The size of the award has not been announced.

Latest MegaGrant will be used to develop a UE4 live link plugin for Instant Terra
The news makes Wysilab the latest commercial tools developer to receive money from Epic Games’ $100 million MegaGrants fund, following the $200,000 award to Maxon earlier this month.

As with Maxon – and with an earlier award of undisclosed size for Reallusion – the money will be used to strengthen integration between Unreal Engine and other DCC software.

In the case of Wysilab, that means Instant Terra, its fast, lightweight tool for creating terrain, particularly for games and real-time applications.

The new live link plugin will enable users to make changes to settings inside Instant Terra and see the results in Unreal Engine in real time.

According to Wysilab, development is still a work in progress, but it plans to share screenshots “soon” on the new section of its forum devoted to the plugin.

Pricing and system requirements
Instant Terra is available now for Windows 7+ only. Perpetual licences are available for users with revenues under $500k/year, and cost $149 for 8K export; $199 for unlimited resolution.

There is also a Pro edition aimed at larger studios, which includes features geared towards generating very large terrains, multi-file export, and a Python API. It is priced on enquiry.

Read more about the Epic MegaGrant on Wysilab’s blog