Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Tiago Medeiros’s nMaker Tools for Photoshop


3D artist Tiago Medeiros has released nMaker Tools, a set of 12 free Photoshop scripts designed to automate common texturing tasks, such as generating bump and normal maps from photographic images.

Generate common texture maps, tiling textures and fake HDRIs from standard photos
Seven of the free tools – nBump, nDisplace, nDiffuse, nDiffusePro, nAO, nAOcomp, and nMaker itself, which is a normal-map generator – convert a photographic source image into the corresponding map type.

The remainder perform other common image-processing tasks, including seamlessly tiling a texture, shifting the tiling offest to the centre of the image, and sharpening the image without generating edge haloes.

There’s even a tool for converting an 8-bit JPEG image into a 32-bit HDRI as a quick-and-dirty way of generating image-based lighting effects in a 3D scene.

In most cases, the conversion process is intended to be a one-click operation.

Pricing and availability
All of the nMaker tools are available for Photoshop CS5 and above. They’re all free to download, although you can donate to help support future development.

Download Tiago Medeiros’s free nMaker Tools for Photoshop