Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get UModeler Lite for free

Tripolygon has released UModeler Lite, a free version of its 3D modelling and level design tool for Unity.

The new edition, which can be used on commercial projects, provides access to the core features of the well-regarded sketch-based modelling add-on, including its Material Tool and basic UV features.

An intuitive sketch-based modelling and layout tool for Unity
First released in 2017, UModeler provides Unity artists with an intuitive suite of extrusion modelling tools, making it easier to create 3D geometry directly inside the game engine.

It supports a sketch-based workflow, with users able to sketch the outline of a group of polygons, then extrude the selection in 3D, making it a quick way to prototype levels or assets.

Tripolygon pitches UModeler as a more streamlined alternative to ProBuilder, which Unity Technologies acquired in 2018, and which now comes as a native package for the game engine.

UModeler itself was shortlisted for a Unity Award for Best Development Tool in 2018.

Get the core modelling tools and the base material and UV features of UModeler for free
UModeler Lite has roughly a third of the tools from the commercial version of the software, including the core selection features, and the PushPull, Bridge, Combine and Detach tools.

It also includes the LoopSlice tool, which can be used to carve away geometry; the Material tool, for quick material assignment; and the UV Tool, for basic UV editing operations.

You can see the workflow for level design and concept modelling on Tripolygon’s YouTube channel.

The full built-in UV Editor is only available in the commercial edition of the software, as are the 3D cursor and advanced interface options, and the option to export geometry to other apps in OBJ format.

You can find a more detailed feature comparison via the links below.

Pricing and system requirements
UModeler Lite is compatible with Unity 2018.4.31+. It is free for use in commercial projects. The full commercial version of the software costs $125.

See a full feature comparison between UModeler and UModeler Lite on Tripolygon’s blog

Download UModeler Lite for Unity for free from the Unity Asset Store