Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Aq Mesher Lite and Aq Bullet Lite for free

Aq Mesher, MagicPictures Software’s new 3ds Max particle meshing plugin, in action. The firm has just released free Lite editions of both Aq Mesher and Aq Bullet, its Bullet physics plugin.

Tools developer MagicPictures Software has released Aq Mesher Lite and Aq Bullet Lite, new free editions of its particle meshing and Bullet physics plugins for 3ds Max.

The new editions provide a subset of features from the commercial plugins: basic particle meshing in the case of Aq Mesher Lite and rigid body dynamics in the case of Aq Bullet Lite.

Part of Japanese VFX facility MagicPictures Studio’s in-house toolset
Released last month, Aq Mesher and Aq Bullet themselves are MagicPictures Software’s – a spin-off from VFX firm MagicPictures Studio – first foray into commercial tools development.

Both form part of MagicPictures’ own in-house dynamics pipeline, alongside FLIP fluid simulation software Aquarius, which is also due for a commercial release in future.

Aq Mesher converts native 3ds Max particle systems, particle caches in Krakatoa’s .prt format, or OpenVDB volumes to meshes. It’s also possible to use the vertices of existing geometry as particle sources.

Aq Bullet is an implementation of the industry-standard open-source Bullet physics library within 3ds Max.

New Lite editions provide particle meshing and rigid body dynamics for free
The new Lite editions provide a subset of the features from the commercial plugins for free.

Aq Mesher Lite converts native 3ds Max particles or vertices to a level set, and level sets to meshes, but it lacks support for the .prt format and the commercial edition’s VDB workflow.

Aq Bullet Lite implements Bullet’s rigid body dynamics, but not soft body or rope dynamics, or the commercial edition’s range of helper objects.

Pricing and system requirements
Both Aq Bullet Lite and Aq Mesher Lite are available for 3ds Max 2015+ running on Windows 7+. The Lite editions are free; the commercial editions of both plugins cost $275.

Download Aq Bullet Lite and Aq Mesher Lite for free from MagicPictures Software’s website