Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

SiNi Software unveils Ami

Plugin developer SiNi Software has unveiled Ami, its new asset manager for 3ds Max. The plugin is currently in development, and is due in public beta next month.

Create, browse and export visual libraries of 3D models within 3ds Max
Ami enables users to create and browse visual libraries of 3D assets within 3ds Max, share them with collaborators, or batch process and export models in multiple formats.

As well as standard 3D models, users can ingest assets as proxies: either in the native formats of renderers like Corona, finalRender, Redshift and V-Ray, or SiNi Software’s own ProxSi ‘univerals proxy’ format.

Once ingested, Ami creates thumbnail previews of each asset, with support for wireframe, rendered and animated turntable views, and for previews from multiple camera angles.

Selecting a thumbnail within the asset browser brings up a display with information including the model’s face and vertex count, and whether it is rigged or animated.

Users can create their own tags and model categories to help filter assets.

Assets can also be assigned to an overall set of favourites, or per-job favourites collections, from which PDF previews can be generated to share with clients.

SiNi Software says that it also plans to add the option to export favourites databases to share with collaborators, or when creating collection of assets for sale.

Stored models can be exported from Ami in multiple formats, currently including MAX, OBJ, FBX and Arnold’s native ASS fomat; and at user-customisable levels of detail.

Pricing and system requirements
Ami is due in public beta next month. SiNi Software hasn’t announced system requirements or pricing yet.

The company’s other 3ds Max plugins are available for 3ds Max 2015+ on a rental-only basis, with a subscription to its entire collection costing £15/month (around $19/month) or £180/year ($230/year).

Read more about SiNi Software’s 3ds Max plugins on its website
(No more information about Ami at time of posting)