Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

SiNi Software releases Scatter for 3ds Max as free beta

3ds Max tools developer SiNi Software has released Scatter, its new scattering plugin, as a free open beta.

The software is designed to enable artists to distribute large sets of 3D objects like rocks or trees across a surface mesh, providing an intuitive brush-based workflow for adding or erasing individual instances.

An intuitive scattering tool capable of creating very large scenes
Intended as an alternative to established scattering tools like iToo Software’s Forest Pack, Scatter is designed to “make complex scenes with as little work as possible”.

Objects can be scattered via a distribution map, or painted and erased manually via a brush-based workflow similar to that in Disperse, SiNi Software’s dedicated object-painting tool.

The plugin includes functionality for generating texture or material variations between objects; and for excluding objects not visible in, or casting shadows into, the selected camera view at render time.

It works with 3D geometry, point caches, and proxies generated by SiNi Software’s own ProxSi system or other render proxies, and can handle very large assets: the demo above shows a 2-billion-poly scene.

According to the developer, Scatter is currently optimised for V-Ray – it only works with the V-Ray production renderer, not V-Ray RT – but optimisation for Corona is “almost there”.

Pricing and availability
Scatter is available for 3ds Max 2014 and above. The beta version comes as part of SiNi Software’s Workstation Installer, which you can download for free if you register on the firm’s website.

It will be available in beta for three months, after which it will become a commercial product at an as-yet-undisclosed price.

SiNi Software’s other plugins are available on a rental-only basis, with prices starting at at £15/month (around $20/month) for all of the tools, or £5 to £12.50/month for individual plugins.

Read more about Scatter on SiNi Software’s website

Watch videos of Scatter’s key features on SiNi Software’s YouTube channel