Thursday, November 17th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

SiNi Software ships IgNite, ProxSi, SiClone for 3ds Max

SiNi Software has released three new 3ds Max plugins – productivity tool IgNite, proxy system ProxSi, and array system SiClone – following a period of open beta testing.

The tools are rooted in the company founders’ own production experience: CEO Nigel Hunt runs VR and AR agency BRAG, and previously headed up UK visualisation studio Glowfrog.

IgNite: a complete 3ds Max workflow toolset
Described as the “core tool of the SiNi software suite”, IgNite (shown above) is a “complete toolset to assist with modelling, animation and rendering workflows”.

It includes a range of scene setup, object manipulation and animation tools; supports up to 4K network playblasts of animations; and provides its own custom MAXScript launcher.

It also comes with 10 utility tools, with functionality ranging from spline generation and mesh retopology to asset management and render pass preparation.

The suite includes automated scene-checking and repair tool Forensic, also available as a free download.

Next up is ProxSi, which SiNi describes as “the most advanced universal proxy plugin available for 3ds Max”.

The software enables proxies, instances, and their assigned positions to be transferred between 3ds Max’s Scanline, mental ray and iray renderers, and third-party renderers including V-Ray, Corona and finalRender.

According to SiNi, ProxSi enables users to “import a proxy, convert it to an Edit Mesh for editing and then save back to the proxy without losing its X,Y and Z placement coordinates”.

The plugin also has a security system, designed to lock assets for file sharing and copyright protection.

Finally, SiClone, SiNi’s parametric modelling tool, provides the ability to array multiple 3D objects along splines with support for colour and texture variation.

It is designed to work with ProxSi and third-party proxy tools, and is compatible with 3ds Max’s native render engines, plus V-Ray, Corona and finalRender.

SiNi Software is also working on a number of other tools, including surface scattering system Scatter. The company also offers an ‘All Acccess’ program, providing access to all of its products and function code.

Pricing and availability
IgNite, ProxSi and SiClone are available now via UK distributor bluegfx on a rental-only basis. All are compatible with 3ds Max 2014 and above, although ProxSi and SiClone do not yet support 3ds Max 2017.

IgNite costs £150/year (around $185/year); ProxSi and SiClone cost £60/year ($75/year). The All Access program costs £250/year ($310/year).

Read more about IgNite, ProxSi and SiClone for 3ds Max on SiNi Software’s website