Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

AAA Studio releases FurryBall RT 1.4

AAA Studio has released FurryBall RT 1.4, the latest version of its GPU-based raytracing renderer, introducing a new toon shader, and adding support for the Arnold renderer’s standard shader.

The software also now officially supports 3ds Max again, albeit in beta, making it possible to share scene files between the Maya, Cinema 4D and 3ds Max editions.

New advanced toon shader
The main new feature in the release is the new toon shader. It comes with controls to adjust the colour ramp and shading contours, and supports layered textures for more complex effects.

It also works with hair, as you can see from around 04:00 in the video above.

The 3ds Max edition is back; other new features
In addition, FurryBall now supports 3ds Max again, for the first time since the software was updated to its new RT core architecture in 2015. The 3ds Max plugin is still officially in beta.

FurryBall scene files exported from one host application – in addition to Max, FurryBall RT supports Maya and Cinema 4D – can now be rendered in another.

Other new features include support for double-sided materials, and for Arnold’s default Ai Standard shader, opening up the possibility of using FurryBall RT as a fast render preview for Arnold scenes.

Pricing and availability
FurryBall RT 1.3 is available for Maya 2011+, Cinema 4D R15+, and 3ds Max 2013+, running on 64-bit Windows Vista and above. Linux and Mac OS X support is planned. You’ll need a CUDA-capable Nvidia GPU.

New licences of the software cost €359 (around $400), and there are various rental options, plus a new version of the software based on render credits. You can see the pricing options here.

Read more about FurryBall 1.4 on AAA Studio’s product website