Foundry ships Mari 4.0

Workflow-focused update gives the texture-painting app a decluttered new UI and better interoperability with other key VFX pipeline tools.

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

The Foundry ships Mari 3.1

Texturing tool gets neat new system to smooth freehand paint strokes, better interoperability with Maya.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

DAZ 3D ships Victoria 7

Popular stock figure gets new facial rig, plus OpenSubdiv and UDIM support to increase compatibility with other 3D apps.

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

The Foundry ships Modo 801

'Monster' across-the-board update includes node-based shading, new animation tools, better dynamics.

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Maxon ships Cinema 4D R14

Updated: Download the demo to try the dynamics tools, brush-based sculpting and AE interoperability.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012