Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

You can do it! VFX releases Nyx Voltron

You can do it! VFX has released Nyx Voltron, a new tool for creating a live link between 3ds Max and After Effects, and a powerful alternative to the native functionality introduced in 3ds Max 2013.

Live-link almost anything in 3ds Max to almost anything in After Effects
Originally known as ‘Nexus Voltron’, the tool is based on Nyx, YcdiVFX’s high-level framework for enabling graphics applications to communicate with one another.

The tool lets you link almost anything in 3ds Max to anything in After Effects, enabling users to make changes to a scene in one application and have them propogated to the other in real time.

The example YcdiVFX gives is linking a Bezier Controller from 3ds Max to a property in After Effects, which will transfer the keys and tangents and recreate the same non-baked curve in AE.

There are specific link types for compound tasks, like transferring all of the transform properties from a Max node to an After Effects layer, or all of the properties of a camera from one application to the other.

There is also a workflow for replicating hierarchies between the two applications, by linking parent objects in Max to null layers in After Effects.

You can read more about how it works in the starter guide on YciVFX’s website, via the link below.

Pricing and availability
Nyx Voltron is available for 3ds Max 2014 and above and After Effects CC 2014 and above. The MSRP is €99 (around $110), but the software is available as a free trial until 31 July 2015.

Read more about Nyx Voltron on You can do it! VFX’s website