Friday, April 4th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mamoworld releases MochaImport+ for Nuke

Mamoworld has released MochaImport+ for Nuke, a new version of its existing mocha-to-After-Effects plugin rearchitected for The Foundry’s node-based compositing package. The tool will be on show at NAB 2014.

The tool simplifies the import of tracking data from Imagineer Systems’ mocha Pro planar tracker into Nuke’s Tracker, Roto, RotoPaint, Grid Warp and Transform nodes.

As well as position, scale and rotation data, MochaImport+ brings in shear and perspective data; and the Nuke version supports the same “popular stabilized precomp workflow” as the After Effects edition.

MochaImport+ for Nuke is available for Nuke 7 and above and mocha Pro 3 and above. It costs $123.

Read more about the features in MochaImport+ for Nuke on mamoworld’s website

Buy MochaImport+ for Nuke from Imagineer Systems’ website

Imagineer Systems, creators of the Academy Award-winning mocha® Planar Tracking technology, and mamoworld, innovative developer of motion graphics and VFX software, today announced the release of MochaImport+ for NUKE. The newest VFX utility application to come out of the long-standing partnership between Imagineer Systems and mamoworld, MochaImport+ for NUKE bridges data flow between NUKE and mocha Pro, allowing visual effects artists to work seamlessly on complex compositing and tracking projects using their “go to” visual effects applications.

“MochaImport+ for NUKE is a great collaboration tool, making it super easy to have a seamless workflow between mocha and Nuke. Whether you are bringing your planar tracking, stabilized shape data or lens distortion maps into NUKE, adjusting with MochaImport+ for NUKE can be summarized in three words: easy, artist-friendly and pretty rad!” Mariana Acuña, creative specialist, The Foundry.

In addition to the popular stabilized precomp features found in the popular MochaImport+ for After Effects, MochaImport+ for NUKE lets users easily target and import mocha Pro tracking data into NUKE node categories: Tracker, Roto, RotoPaint, GridWarp and Transform. Detailed data such as position/scale/rotation as well as shear and perspective are seamlessly shared across applications. MochaImport+ for NUKE also provides a one-click solution for mocha Pro’s camera solver FBX data as well as a NUKE script for mocha-solved lens distortion data in the new CornerPin node.

To qualify the utility, mamoworld ran an extensive beta program, putting the application through its paces in real-world situations. Nicklas Larsson, a VFX artist from SVT in Sweden was one of the first to test-drive the utility. “mocha Pro and NUKE have long been friends. But with MochaImport + for NUKE, the programs have been welded even tighter.” Longtime mocha Pro and NUKE artist Andy Needham also participated in the program and commented on the value of the new offering, “We’re always looking to improve our workflow. MochaImport+ for NUKE will save you time.”