Friday, December 13th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Peregrine Labs ships Yeti 1.3

Swiss International‘s spot, Unionen – Organizerman i knipa, created with the help of Yeti. Version 1.3 of Peregrine Labs’ Maya fur plugin adds dedicated procedural feather geometry for avian characters like the one at 00:12.

Peregrine Labs has released Yeti 1.3, the latest update to its node-based Maya hair plugin, now in use at studios including Cinesite and Platige Image.

Although Yeti always has been capable of creating more than just fur, the main new feature this time out is dedicated procedural feather geometry, enabling users to create detailed plumage with little or no R&D work.

R&D supervisor Colin Doncaster describes the new features as “a solution for an issue that has generally plagued productions with feathery characters”.

Better grooming brushes, support for OpenSubdiv
The release also adds new brushes for painting, clumping and twisting hair strands during grooming; tools for creating parts and crowns; and support for subdivision surfaces based on Pixar’s OpenSubdiv.

The UI and dynamics engine have been updated, and cache previews and graph scripting are now supported.

Yeti is available for Maya 2013 and above on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, and costs CAD $1,195 (around USD $1,130) for a floating licence. It supports RenderMan, 3delight, V-Ray and Arnold.

In other news, Peregrine Labs has released an update to Bokeh, its depth-of-field plugin for Nuke, adding support for Nuke 8.0.

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