Friday, July 29th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Bokeh: new fast depth-of-field plug-in for Nuke

Peregrine Labs has released a fast depth-of-field plug-in for Nuke supporting the new deep compositing features added in version 6.3 of the software.

Deep compositing improves on traditional Z depth buffers, resulting in fewer artefacts at edges or in semi-transparent areas of an image.

The Bokeh plug-in simulates the effects of varying f-stop, focal length and lens shape, the latter including the option to use a user-supplied image, plus bloom, spherical and chromatic aberration.

Users can also visualise individual focus regions or separate front and back focus output for finer control over the finished composite.

Updated 30 May 2019: Since we originally posted this story, Bokeh has been updated to keep pace with successive releases of Nuke. Peregrine Labs has also now moved to a rental-only licensing policy.

Pricing and system requirements
Bokeh is available for Nuke 11.2 and above, on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. A single licence costs $99 $199/year and a site licence costs $999 $1,600/year.

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