Thursday, May 30th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Free tool: Character Creator UE Control Rig for Unreal Engine

Reallusion has released Character Creator UE Control Rig (CC UE Control Rig).

The free add-on lets users pose and animate characters created in its Character Creator software inside Unreal Engine using the standard MetaHuman interface.

Reallusion has also released two free accompanying sample characters, Kevin and Nia.

A more intutive way to pose 3D characters imported into Unreal Engine
Character Creator UE Control Rig is a custom Unreal Blueprint that lets users pose and animate characters in Character Creator’s CC format inside Unreal Engine, using the standard Control Rig for its MetaHuman characters.

Reallusion pitches exporting rigged characters from Character Creator to Unreal Engine as a more intuitive character rigging workflow than using the game engine’s native tools, such as the new Modular Control Rig introduced in Unreal Engine 5.4.

A separate free plugin, Auto Setup for Unreal Engine, converts the skeletons and shaders of CC characters to Unreal Engine equivalents when exporting them.

The same workflow can be used for characters created in other DCC apps by auto-rigging them with Character Creator’s AccuRig toolset, or the free standalone edition.

Alternatively, the control rig can be used to finesse animations created in iClone, Reallusion’s animation software, then exported to Unreal Engine for rendering.

Supports full-body and facial animation
Character Creator UE Control Rig supports both IK/FK full-body posing and morph-based facial expressions.

To streamline setting up interactions with props, it features a Reach Target system similar to the one in iClone.

Other key features include the option to multi-select facial and body controls and save them as reusable preset poses, as shown in this video.

Pricing and system requirements
Character Creator UE Control rig is compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3+. It’s free.

Character Creator itself is compatible with Windows 7+. It costs $299. Unreal Engine is free to use for offline animation if you earn under $1 million/year.

Read more about the Character Creator UE Control Rig on Reallusion’s website

Download free plugin CC UE Control Rig from the Unreal Engine Marketplace
(Includes download links for the free characters)

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