Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Reallusion’s five great free animation-ready 3D characters

Reallusion has released the Character Creator (CC) character bases: five free humanoid 3D characters with the CC3+ Base topology used in its Character Creator software.

The animation-ready characters are provided in OBJ, FBX and ZTL format, for use in DCC tools like Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya and ZBrush, and are licensed for commercial use.

Five animation-friendly 3D base characters, with 8K textures, rigs and facial morphs
The five free characters – realistic male, female and gender-neutral humans, and male and female toon-style figures – all follow the CC3+ Base topology.

Used in Reallusion’s character-creation software Character Creator, it’s an even all-quad topology designed to ensure smooth deformations when a character is animated.

The five free characters come with 8K texture maps in a UDIM layout, including UV and anatomical overlays showing the regions of the body.

The OBJ files are provided as unified meshes, while the ZTL files, for use in digital sculpting software ZBrush, come with separate SubTools for the eyes, brows, teeth, and tongue.

In addition, the FBX files include character rigs for both full-body and facial animation, with over 150 facial morphs suitable for realistic expressions and lip-sync work.

They offer artists working in a range of disciplines, particularly animation, games, motion graphics and 3D printing, a high-quality base that can be modified to create custom assets.

System requirements and license conditions
The Character Creator character bases are available in OBJ, FBX and ZTL formats.

It should be possible to use the OBJ and FBX files in any modern DCC application or game engine. The ZTL files can be loaded in ZBrush.

The assets are licensed for commercial use, including on games and VFX projects, although the EULA forbids selling characters derived from them on online marketplaces.

Read more about the free Character Creator character bases on Reallusion’s blog

Download the five free animation-ready 3D characters from Reallusion’s website

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