Tuesday, May 30th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Reallusion’s free ZBrush and Character Creator plugins

Reallusion has released ZBrush Pose Tools and ZBrush Pose Link, a pair of new free plugins linking Character Creator, its 3D character-generation software, to ZBrush, Maxon’s digital sculpting software.

Together, the plugins make it possible to create a pose library in ZBrush, then send character poses to it from Character Creator, storing each individual pose as a separate layer in ZBrush.

Create a pose library in ZBrush, then round trip poses with Character Creator
The first plugin, ZBrush Pose Tools, streamlines the process of working with poses inside ZBrush, making it possible to store poses as layers, then toggle between them.

It’s also possible to convert existing ZBrush layers to poses.

Although it can be used on its own to create a pose library within ZBrush, Reallusion really intends it to be used in conjunction with the second plugin, ZBrush Pose Link.

ZBrush Pose Link exports poses from Character Creator to ZBrush, where they appear as new layers within the pose library created by ZBrush Pose Tools.

That makes it possible to export a 3D character sculpt from ZBrush to Character Creator using the existing GoZ export system, rig and pose it in Character Creator, then re-export the pose to ZBrush.

Character Creator has a greater range of tools for posing characters than ZBrush itself: you can find an overview of the options in this blog post.

Price and system requirements
ZBrush Pose Tools is compatible with ZBrush 2021+. ZBrush Pose Link 1.0 is compatible with Character Creator 4.0+. Both plugins are free downloads.

ZBrush is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 10.14+. New perpetual licences cost $895; subscriptions cost $39/month or $359/year.

Character Creator is available for Windows 7+. New licences have a MSRP of $299.

Read an overview of ZBrush Pose Tools and ZBrush Pose Link on Reallusion’s website

Read more about workflow using the plugins in the online manual

Download free Character Creator to ZBrush plugins ZBrush Pose Link and ZBrush Pose Tools