Sunday, November 19th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Luxion ships KeyShot 2023.3

KeyShot 2023 was released in March 2023. Scroll down for the KeyShot 2023.3 update.

Luxion has begun its KeyShot 2023 releases, its latest annual series of updates to the intuitive CPU and GPU renderer.

New features in KeyShot 2023.1 include the option to create scene templates, support for the Coloro colour library, and the option to render multi-layer EXR files.

The release is a change from Luxion’s previous version numbering: under the old numbering scheme, it would have been KeyShot 12.

KeyShot 2023.1: support for scene templates, Coloro colors, and multi-layer EXRs
Changes in KeyShot 2023.1, the first of the KeyShot 2023 releases, include the option to create scene templates to reuse or share preset environments, camera set-ups and render styles.

KeyShot also now supports the Coloro colour library, on top of its existing support for the Pantone library.

Other changes include a new Curve Fade node for material animations, the option to render multi-layer EXR files, and to export colour swatches in Adobe’s ASE format.

KeyShot Web, for sharing KeyShot scenes with clients who don’t have the renderer installed, gets a new image gallery for hero renders, and a new AR model for iOS devices.

Updated 22 August 2023: Luxion has released KeyShot 2023.2.

The update extends the 3D Paint texture painting system added in KeyShot 11, adding support for pressure sensitivity when using a graphics tablet, and projecting the brush indicator onto the object being painted.

The update also improves visual parity between the CPU and GPU render engines.

The KeyShot Web viewer now supports 360-degree product views.

Updated 19 November 2023: Luxion has released KeyShot 2023.3.

The update overhauls color workflow, making individual colors instances within KeyShot. When an instance is updated, all of the material of that color in a project update automatically.

Color instances can be grouped into ‘multi-colors’, analogous to multi-materials.

Other related changes include a new Color Mode, which hides most of the UI to focus on color libraries and multi-colors; and support for the perception-based Natural Color System (NCS).

New Performance Mode for GPU rendering, plus ACES image transform
Outside color workflow, KeyShot 2023.3 adds a new Performance Mode option for GPU rendering, in some cases accelerating GPU renders “over 2x”.

There is also a new Light Solo Mode, which preserves lighting when soloing part of a model, and a new ACES image transform for adding film-like looks to renders.

Pricing and availability
KeyShot 2023.3 is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 11.7+. Integration plugins are available for a range of DCC and CAD tools, including 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D and Maya.

The software is now available rental-only. KeyShot Pro subscriptions cost $1,188/year. KeyShot Web and network rendering are available via separate subscriptions.

The old web page for the lower-cost KeyShot Personal Edition now redirects to the main online store.

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