Thursday, June 29th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Pablo Munoz Gomez’s 15 free custom ZBrush brushes

Originally posted on 19 June 2023, and updated with details of a second new brush.

Concept artist Pablo Munoz Gomez has created new custom ZBrush brushes for other artists to use.

The first, the Gio brush, was inspired by the art of digital sculptor Gio Nakpil, and is intended for sculpting soft forms; the second is a ‘back to basics’ Volume Blender.

The new brushes take the total available free on Munoz Gomez’s ZBrushGuides website to 15, including brushes for sculpting hair, fur and cloth.

15 free custom ZBrush brushes for sculpting hair, fur, skin textures and cloth
Pablo Munoz Gomez’s new Gio brush is designed for sculpting soft forms, and is inspired by the work of ILM and Valve veteran Gio Nakpil, now heading Adobe’s art department for the Substance 3D products.

The other new brush, the Volume Blender, is shown in the video in this tweet.

Both join existing free brushes for sculpting hair, skin features like scars and scales, and folds in cloth.

There are also utility brushes, including an inverted version of the popular Dam_standard brush, and brushes for texturing or smoothing clay.

Availability and system requirements
Pablo Munoz Gomez’s custom hair brushes are available free in ZBP format for ZBrush 2023.

Download Pablo Munoz Gomez’s free custom ZBrush brushes